Chat bot unable to connect to chat hub


We use a simple chat bot in our hub to help users with faqs, social media information etc. As of roughly December the 20th the bot has not been able to connect to our hub via our scripts (but works fine (at times) as a manually logged in user account)

Upon starting the bot script the following is output.

I am not sure what the not-authorized tag is suggesting. The chat bot has not been updated for months and stopped working by itself.

Any ideas what might be causing these issues?



OK an update to this. Seems I was using an expired token, easy fix.

Now I seem to be running into another issue. Help commands are detected and replied to correctly but they reply message is not visually shown in the chat (although the logs state it can see that message being posted)


this category is for official Chat API support.
I see that you’re using websockets for connecting to our chat instead of our REST APIs, so I can’t help you.

I will leave this post open as maybe some other community member could help you.