Changing Nickname System



Hello FACEIT Community,

I would like to give an idea for you and if you like it, Would be appreciated.

So, Currently, You need 1000FP to be able to purchase Nickname change from the FACEIT shop,

I think that’s like energy consuming, Or whatever you can call it,

Why don’t we have three changes per three months at maximum ?

Would better, and Im sure everybody would like this idea.

I hope you step up FACEIT Admins, in this changing nickname system, to be more better.

Best regards,



I like this idea but then again I think it should be implemented based on their current pay structure. For example if you pay for premium you could change maybe once per month. If you pay for supporter maybe once per 3 months. Something like that would/could be implemented from a business stand point. Helps grow the subscription as it gives users more for their money and it doesn’t cost anything to change a users nickname. I think the current issue is that to change someone username it has to be done manually. Just need a way to automate it and you’re good to go :slight_smile:




i don’t like idea about changing nicknames but why not just add deposit skins for points(up to 1000P) so that u can deposit skins instead money and change nick… btw there is no option to buy points and only way is to earn via leagues cups… etc…


Depositing skins is not the main goal of the platform, as there are many “Money 4 Skinz” deposit sites already available.

We already have Missions out which is being tested across lots of players on the platform, from feedback we’ve heard that players are happy with this new system to receive points as it’s way more satisfying to play matches!

Although I do agree with a better system or at least 1 free nickname change. We will definitely look on how to improve these things :smile:


500 MATCHEs and i’ve no missiions? :(((

pls gimme, same nick as here… tyyyyyyy


Missions is something being tested across the platform with all players, so don’t worry as you will get yours soon too ! :slight_smile: