Change The Ban Timer System


instead of having every time zone go after utc why cant the bans be setup individualy for eatch time zone or set by location and for DST or just with a normal countdown timer ban if i get banned for 1h i should be banned for 1h not having to wait 2hrs bcos of DST or some other crap. its just complicating unnecessary
and add so it say how many hours and when it will expier and for what reason

something simular to this edit 1 or someting like this edit 2

and pleas add volume adjustment to que pop sound i posted 3 month ago in this thread and still nothing its way to loud and when the remind beep if you are capten is so fucking loud and annoying i would rather have some one 1m away from my ear screaming ass loud as they can than hearing that noice. dont understand why it got removed.