Change how people join tournaments?



Can’t you change when you make tournaments when it is level 1-3 that level 10 cant join?
Make a roof of level 5 or something 'cause it aint funny at all!
Can’t have people carrying a team and dont let the lowerlevels even have a chance to advance through the game.
Please change how you build up the tournaments so it will be worth playing using your services.

Regards, Cecilia

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Here is an screenshot where you can see how unbalanced the match was (no names)

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You should look at Elo you will get and lose. This lvl10 is not one man army. For sure you lose because they were better.


Hm are you saying you have seen tournaments with a 1-3 level cap still had level 10 players in the team?

Was this an official faceit point tour or was is a tournemant where some players might have gotten an invite link in advance just so that they could use higher level players (players that joine before the tournament settins were set back to Max LVL 3?)