Can't start the FACEIT AC


When I download the AC (64 bit) after starting the AC a pop-up message says: “Your system is out of date, you are missing important Windows updates!”

I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium right now. Is that not supported?


Hey @dixyyy - I’ve moved your thread to Community.

Is your Operating System updated with the March 2017 Microsoft Security Update (or later)?

You can check to see if you have the latest update by going to Start > All programs > Windows Update and selecting ‘Check for Updates’.


sorry about that @Kaostic

I just updated the system out of those links you provided me with (i didn’t know which one was for my pc so I just downloaded all of them but only 1 succesfully installed lol)

restarted my pc but the AC still doesn’t work :frowning:


Could you check your Windows Update utility and see if it’s fully up to date now? If it’s not working still after that, I’ll chat with our Anti-Cheat team tomorrow and see if there’s anything else to try! :slight_smile:


I did twice now. I keep getting asked to re-start my pc whenever I click the “Look for updates” button for some reason.

So I manually installed the updates but still can’t get the AC to work :confused:

That’d be nice, thanks for your help!


Hey @dixyyy - One of the team believes that there is a problem with your windows install and it’s not correctly installing the new updates (everytime you restart).

Can you check this out and run a check?


Just ran the checks…

For the “sfc /scannow” test, it tells me that it didn’t find any integrity violations, here’s a screenshot (it’s in portuguese)

For the “sfc /verifyonly” test it also tells there are no integrity violations here’s the screenshot (it’s in portuguese)

Sorry for the hassle


Hey @dixyyy - Could you please submit a support ticket and work directly with our support team to help with this? It’s unfortunately stumping me, and the Anti-Cheat Team are quite busy at the moment :frowning: