Can't Renew Subscription


When I try to renew my subscription on Faceit, I click on Payment Info and nothing shows up and there is no option to change back to the old site and I tried using different browsers but still had the same issue.


I don’t know why this happens but if you want to try that on the old site you can do that by going into your account settings.


That is not there for me


@ThePCNoob I’ve removed your last post since it contained sensitive data. If you don’t have that button, then you cannot go back to old FACEIT at this moment.

As for your subscription, you probably can see it like that, because you’ve already cancelled it. Once it expires, you will be able to subscribe again.

Please note: I’ve moved this thread to Community.


I did a ticket the other day and the guy said that it will expire on the 25th


Please note: All of our subscriptions have a seven day grace period that extends your subscription by a full week after the date it was set to expire. :slight_smile: