Cant reactivate my old account :/


Hello dear Faceit-Team ,

i’ve opened recently a support ticket regarding my account ( number 431500 ) and didn’t get a reply and now im so desperate in needs of help that i opened another ticket ( number 435822 ) regarding the same issue and already tweeted twice to faceitsupport :frowning: . I just want to log-in in my old account,buy premium and play with my team on your platforms. Is there any chance to talk to an admin which could help me out ?
I would really appreciate it if some of you awesome guys could help me .



Hi @ThoRax1337, I apologise for the delay, but you’ll need to wait for your support ticket to be responded.


Hey Kaostic !
Thanks for your reply but i’m already waiting since a week and nothing happens :confused: . I just want to play FACEIT so badly :frowning: . Its a really fast and simple thing/issue for you but a really big one for me . i would really love it if someone could help me out there


@ThoRax1337 - I can appreciate that, but it’s not just a simple thing. It’s thousands of small simple things from other users. There’s a reason why we have the support system in place, and really do understand it can get frustrating waiting for a reply, but it’s the only method at this time.