Cant play on Mac OS now


Hello. A half year ago my account became AC protected (i need to play with anticheat), but there is no anticheat for Mac OS, and one thing i could do - swap accounts with my friend (by the way, he still dont need an AC when i play there). But now i cant get his account, and i cant play on your site, but i have lots of friends playing here and i dont know what to do. Can you help me?

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Hi @Crowchild

If you are forced to use FACEIT Anti-Cheat, you will not be able to join FACEIT queues without it. However, you may be able to join some tournaments and hub’s queues if they do not require the anti-cheat.

Please keep in mind that account sharing is NOT allowed and can result in a ban - FACEIT Banning Policy.


Anti-cheat mac

Anyway i already dont have access to that acc, also my friend dont have access to mine
thanks for answer


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