Can't link my steam account


Hello everyone,
I just sign in on Face It 2 or 3 days ago and when i want to link my steam accoun i can’t…
Can you help me ?


@UgandanJesus Please take a look at Error connecting my Steam account.


okay thank you, did you know how much time it can take ?


@UgandanJesus If you are asking how long it can take to get a reply from FACEIT Customer Support, I think they have a large backlog due to the number of new players joining the site at the moment. Please wait patiently.

There is a FACEIT profile which seems to be linked to your CS:GO game account. Have you tried to log in to that account?

Please take a look at Can I have more than one FACEIT account?


Yeah i think i sign in an other account like one year ago but i don’t remeber the email and i have no longer access to my one year mail


@UgandanJesus Please take a look at Forgotten my login details.


yeah i already looked that but i have forgotted the email to…
and i probably have no longer access to it