Can't launch csgo with FACEIT AC

my game just doesn’t launch with Faceit AC but if I quit Faceit AC it launch alright and so fast
and sometimes it just launch I get black screen like the game is about to load but it kills the game and exists as nothing happened.

Had this problem yesterday.

Support send it to me:

Open an administrator command prompt, and type the following:
sc delete faceitservice

Download again the following file:

Rename it to FACEITClient.exe

Move the file to C:/Program Files/FACEIT AC", replacing the existing one. Then run it.
Does the game work now?

Kind Regards
FACEIT Support

Still it didn’t work for me.

My game launch, I get blackscreen as it’s about to load then the game exit.

Then write to support, they will ask for debug.log and help you.

where I can find debug.log

Just open ticket to support, they will give you instruction.