Cant join the server! Help please!



Hello! I have a problem.I cant join the server. I always see ‘retrying public’ and it then it closes with a ‘closed after 30 retries’. Please, help me! I have tried all of troubleshooting options. Nothing works for me. Theres a screenshot of my problem. Hope to hear from you!


Hi @Super_Shaz

Have you read CS:GO - Connect Retry Errors article?


Yes @KeT0M


I have tried +clientport, antivirus settings, firewall. I want to play faceit but im gettind 5th cooldown. help please!


@Super_Shaz Can you please try to get in touch with your ISP? I have no other ideas at the moment.


I saw the solution on internet. Theres a post where a man says that he got in contact with someone in Faceit support through Steam. He says that they were doing some ip tests with the various servers in NA.
Is it real? If it is, how can i get help like this? I have really tried all of troubleshooting options.


I have assigned @Kaostic to this thread. He will take a look at it when he is around.


Okay, thank you! I wait.


Hey @Super_Shaz, have you submitted a support ticket for this? It looks like you’ve tried everything that I would suggest and it might be more beneficial to speak directly with our team.


Yes, i have. I have submitted it 3 days ago.