Can't hear enemy's voice chat + temporary bans


Ok , first of all suddenly i cant hear any team’s voice chat i downloaded 3 demos and checked that every command is the way it should be such as voice_enable 1 or cl_mute_enemy_team 0 , still cant hear anything , faceit removed it in the latest update ? and I bought a faceit premium on the 4th of march for 1 month and In the last month i got temporary bans everytime because of my internet ( i played constantly with 11%-18% loss , very hard ) i decided enough is enough and got the best internet in my country , now i have 0% loss , in one of my recent matches i played de_train , i got kicked from the game because i wasnt talking russian like the other guys on my team and kept asking from them to talk english , as a result i got banned for 3 days until the 14th of march , i reported them all and that’s it right ? NO , i played on the 14th of march and everything was ok , played on the 15 on de_cache , i constantly wallbanged the guy on connector from garage , and wallbanged the guy on quad from squeaky , i got reported by all of the guys from the other team ( level 10 by the way ) and got banned for unsportsmanlike conduct