Can't download last 2 demos from the last games!

only appear this, help!?

I have the same

I think you can copy and paste the url that starts with " in order to download the demo manually.

You may have to unzip with with Gzip, PKZip, Winzip, Winrar or any other compression software and place it in the demo folder located in the Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo directory (.dem are the Demo files) where you decompress the archive to be able to play the demo.
You play the demo by using the console command “playdemo” without the " character. So just Playdemo NAME_OF_THE_DEMO (Write “f76” without the quitation marjs and then press the TAB key to auto-complete the name of the demo and you should be able to view the demo

To pause and play it faster or slower you can press CTRL+f2 with wil bring up the demo controls.

I hope that helped you out a bit even if it won’t solve the site bug

You play the demo from insie csgo by opening the console (by default the console key is bound to “~”) and thn write

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i already try that, but didnt work for me :frowning:

although right now i can download every match, it was just those 2, 3 or 4 games that was with that problem :confused:

Thank you anyway :slight_smile: