Can't connect to the game


I can not connect to the game in CS: GO FACEIT account connected platform steam ,but when you try to connect I do not display steam profile


If you can submit a ticket and put your ticket id here, the team will get back to you: It looks like you're connecting a game that you already have registered


you’re giving me shit over there ! that would clarify things I will explain in the profile facet is tied to a steam account which I want to play ,checked the room restraints in your account coincides with those which want to play, but I why we say that it is linked to another account how can it be?


If you’ve already submitted a ticket and put it in that thread, your ticket has been responded to.


are you really stupid sitting there or what? as one steam profile can be integrated into two accounts FACEIT


I’ll be honest - I have no idea what your last message said. I also am not particularly happy with the tone in which you’re currently posting in this thread so I’m going to go ahead and close it.

As I said previously; your ticket will have been answered and you can speak with the support team for anything further.