Can't connect to any faceit server


I started one match (de_cache & Netherlands) and I couldn’t join the server.
Couldn’t connect after 30 retries. I got 30 mins ban, I waited and tried to start another one game.
We got France server and map de_train. And the same error was there. I JUST CAN"T CONNECT TO ANY FACEIT SERVER!
Link to second match:

What I need to do??


Hi @tlexfk1 - please take at our FAQ here:


Same for me I can’t connect to any servers of classic 5v5 that is provided by faceit. But I can connect to other hubs like 1v1. For me, when I connect to the server the loading screen comes and it says connecting to the server only. It gets stuck on that same screen for over 1 mins. But when I check my console it says connected but clearly I’m not as it is stuck in the same loading screen. And after 5 minutes; “the match has ended” dialogue box will pop up and I got banned three times due to this. And the reason was “AFK”. But I wasn’t. I was trying to connect via faceit client; steam browser and google chrome. But still I can’t connect to the server.


Your team mates had the same issue? You tried to restart steam and CS GO?


No my teammates connected fine but I couldn’t connect. I was stuck in blue cs go loading screen for over 2 minutes. I tried to put ports for connecting with the help of support FAQ website; in the cs go launch options but that didn’t help either. I got altogether 3 bans because of this issue. The reason says I was AFK but that was not the case. I posted this issue to Faceit support but I haven’t got their response till now. Please help. Here is the link for screenshots:


I have restarted router, steam and even reinstalled steam again but it didn’t help. I can connect to matchmaking servers, other community servers and faceit 1v1 hubs too. But I cant connect to official faceit 5v5 servers


Thats an issue in your side. CS GO.

Mby this article will help:


It didn’t workout :frowning:


If you reinstalled CS GO and you have same error you are doing something wrong.


Thanks for your help but the issue is resolved now. I have two routers and the issue was with the new router. I connected the old router back and configured it properly. Now I can connect to faceit servers instantly. But I want to know why my new router is not accepting connections from faceit servers. Please can you help me figure it out? I would really appreciate it