Cant connect to any cs go 5v5 servers but can connect to hubs


I can’t connect to any servers of classic 5v5 matchmaking that is provided by faceit. But I can connect to other hubs like 1v1.When I connect to the server the loading screen comes and it says connecting to the server only. It gets stuck on that same screen for over 1 mins. But when I check my console it says connected but clearly I’m not as it is stuck in the same loading screen. And after 5 minutes; “the match has ended” dialogue box will pop up and I got banned three times due to this. And the reason was “AFK”. But I wasn’t. I was trying to connect via faceit client; steam browser and google chrome. But still I can’t connect to the server. I even tried by clicking “go to server” but nothing works. I keep getting banned due to this same issue over and over. Please help