Can't connect my faceit to steam/csgo


a few days ago i mailed about my account not being able to connect to my steam
(see file)
and I can’t find a forum that can help me.
I don’t know if its because one of my earlier accounts has been vac-banned out of the bleu.
or that it is a problem with faceit itself
I hope I could get helped in my email


A quick fix to this that i found was to go the browser for faceit (
after that, connect the selected game, login through steam and you’re good to go!

If this didn’t work feel free to reply to me, I’ll be sure to help you out.


Heyy my friend and i cant connect faceit with steam can you help me ?


You tried Faceit web client?


Youre connecting dont meet the reuirements ?



No i have public informtion
Maybe because steam is not prime?


That`s not the case. Provide steam account link that you want to connect.


How i can provide steam link


You linked your steam account to your Faceit profile.
You just need 25 hours in CS GO to connect with Faceit.

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