Cant ban the guys in Hub with - in nickname


I cant ban the guys in hub with - in nicknames, it just doesnt shows me. i can ban only the guys without - in nicknames. Wtf?


I’m not sure what you mean by in-nickname but here’s how to ban someone.

  • Go to Admin
  • Ban lists
  • Create Hub ban
  • Search for the nickname


ye, but if nickname starts like -John i CANT find him.


Try to search for the entire nickname. - If that’s your hub, when I put - in the members search field, it does not show anyone, but if I put -EN0T1K, it shows that member.


Its the same with ( _ ) .
Just look for the full name.


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Apparently, this is not the issue with special characters. This is the way member search feature works in hubs, you need to put the entire nickname (case sensitive).


Guys maybe you do not understand me? Im not stupid, i have 900+ users in my hub, and i know that i need to write full nickname in search, BUT LISTEN ME PLEASE, IN BAN LIST I CLICK CREATE NEW BAN, FILLING IN FULL NICKNAME LIKE -JOHN1337- AND ITS SHOWS 0 USERS, BUT IN SEARCH IN HUB I WRITING
-JOHN1337- AND ITS SHOWS HIM. Now you understand?


Have you tried writing || (in the ban box) as the nickname and then try to locate him in that list?


Are you sure he is still in your Hub?





Yea thats seems to be an issue, I just checked my hub and I found a guy called " <~^E|_ectroN ", and I cant find him if I try to ban him.

@Kaostic will take a look at this.


ye, so we are waiting for Faceit Helpers here to solve :slight_smile:


And i have 1 more potential issue, but i want to know can i get some skins or points for explaining the issue, topic: i can write message to any people without adding in friend list, already wrote to all pro players :smiley:


It sounds interesting.

Care to share some hints so us bored people can experiment? (A)


@Kaostic @Kaostic @Kaostic


Hi @ownq - I’ve had a look through your hub’s members and can’t find anybody with the name starting -John, or anything close to that. What I did find was: -JDI, johndowson, and j0hnyy1-.

Do you have a screenshot of the user in question you are looking to get rid of?

As far as searching for users with a hyphen in their name, there’s no issue here. I can search for users with - and _, as well as any other special character at the start of their name within your hub. There just isn’t anybody in the hub starting with -John.


Hello,@Kaostic, -John its was an example, im telling about the guys with “-” in the start of the nickname, i CAN find them in USERS LIST of the HUB, but when im trying to create new ban on hub, i starting typing like
-example and its shows : Starix, s1mple and other pro players, so the topic: i CAN find the guys in HUB but i cant ban them cuz they`re dont showing in the ban list


Addidtion: I dont aiming on 1 person, there is a global issue, if nickname starts like -example, so he cant be banned on hub cuz he just doesnt showing on “create-new-ban” field


Ah when you’re trying to ban them. Sorry, I thought you meant when trying to filter them by the members list.

Let me check with the team on this one.


Please do not create meaningless posts. Just wait patiently for @Kaostic to get back to you :slight_smile: