Can´t Connect SteamGame CS Go with Face it


ch game would you like to connect?



Steam Nickname: dm1
Please register your steam account before trying to connect the game. GL & HF!

Actually i try just to play Face it with my Account but cant connect Steamgame with Faceit Page.
Noone Ever used this Account on Faceit - My whole Email Pool is unused here :D.

would be happy if someone could help me asap,


I don’t entirely understand what you’re asking, but I assume that you’re saying that, when you try and connect your steam account, it says that it’s already linked?

If that is the case, you will need to contact our support team:


actually i linked steam with faceit but cant link cs go with faceit. Always an Errormessage - An error has occurred trying to register the game.

I just tried to contact the support but i dont get a answer back. Its been 2 weeks now and the only one who wrote back is you.

on faceit i have to check if i am vacbanned or used to have a privat profil.
I got no vacban and my profile is open so everythign is allright ?


Hey @dm1z - I’m unable to solve the issue, only offer basic support on it. The Support Team will need to assist you further - can you send me over your ticket ID?


(435600) ( Mar 18, 18:59 GMT)

(440303) (Mar 24, 11:35 GMT)

thanks for everything anyway :slight_smile: