Can not start the game hanging game search


already week hanging game search
the game is not looking
the game is not displayed
can not start a new game
already 100 messages written in support …
during the week
no reply
no reaction
please help


Are you stuck in the queue or you stuck in a match room?
Anyways @Kaostic might be able to help you.


what I should do?
how can I contact him?
why I write in support of
and no one answers me
already a week


He will reply to you here, just wait patiently until he’s online.


Hi @acR0_rNr - I don’t entirely understand the issue you’re describing. Could you supply screenshots of your issue?


I think our team has managed to pinpoint the issue you’re having and is working on fixing it for you. Should be fixed soon.


I was with the team in the group
we clicked the search game
After 5 seconds, it was canceled
I was lighted to accept the game
I got out to take the game
I did not take it
and then when I updated the page
I was shown that there is a search for the game, wait
I’m already waiting a week
can not leave the game search
I do not see it
I can not start a new one
writes that I’m in another game
but I do not have this game


writes that I’m standing in line
but I do not have a line
there is no search for the game
during the week



You should be good to go
The team fixed it for yo’


a week later))
Thank you so much!!!