Can not link to Steam account


Good afternoon. I encountered such a problem that I can not bind the steam account with your plot. Maybe it’s because of VAC ban in the profile but it’s not on Dota 2.


Моя учетная запись v Steam - Edgar4ikKzn


@Edgar4ik_Kot Please take a look at:
Error connecting my Game account
I have a VAC Ban - what can I do?

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VAC ban = CS:GO

but I want to connect Dota 2


@Edgar4ik_Kot If you have a ban in CSGO / Dota2 / TF2, you cannot play at all on FACEIT on any Valve games.


Sorry, NOT on CS: Go, and Rust, checked right now.


Please take a look at I have a VAC Ban - what can I do and follow the guidelines.


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@Edgar4ik_Kot Do not post this information here. Please contact FACEIT Customer Support.