Can I still play CS:GO FaceIt with a 1552 Vac Ban on TF2?


I really would like to try playing FaceIt but when ever I try to link my Steam account it always gives me an error. Is this due to my old Vac ban? Someone please help me.


Your steam is linked to another Faceit account?




It just says “An error has occurred trying to register the game.”


Hey @Glizzay - Apologies for the delayed response to this what with Christmas and the New Year!

If you’re having issues with linking your Steam account, you’ll need to submit a support ticket to our team who will be able to manually add it to your account (assuming that everything is kosher).

If you’re receiving the following errors: An error has occurred/Verifying 60 seconds it’s likely that your Steam ID is already connected to another FACEiT account or that you have a current/previous VAC Ban that is preventing you from connecting even if that ban isn’t for the game you’re trying to play on our platform.

Please check out our Error Connecting Steam Account Support Article for full details.