Can I return the purchase?



I was hacked into an account and made an order. I would like to return the purchase back.


Hi @renouncement - I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying. Are you saying that you were on somebody else’s account or your account was hacked?

We have a support article of Shop Refunds found here:


I will write for him! he says that someone went to his account without his permission and ordered things. he wants to cancel all orders that were made. the order was made on this Steam account ( )))! otmechu he does not even have a Steam account and he doesn’t know what that is ) help him please!


my account was hacked


In this case, you will be definitely have to contact our support team, which can be done here:

On top of this, I would highly, highly suggest that you enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account. This will add a second layer of protection to your account. This support article will walk you through the process:


Thanks you. I’ll do everything now