Can faceit add serious leagues please?


I’m so sick on ESEA being the only decent place to play leagues in NA, so can faceit add a league system (no, not the monthly leagues where u get like 50,000 points for winning). Like actual leagues (Open, IM, Main, Premier, Pro, etc…).

I’m A+ in ESEA, lvl 10 in faceit and am sick of playing in ESEA leagues. I also feel like many more high tier NA players would convert to faceit from esea if you were to add a serious league system.


Would be cool to know what’s FaceIT stance on official Open leagues, would be awesome and I think a league would be awesome in building new talent and in general it would be fun to be able to play in a league environment


Hey guys - we are working on them and they are in private beta (there is one Open organized by Blizzard on OW atm).
We are going to have organizers do their own leagues on the platform (i.e. ECS Open, ECS Main, and any other partner that wants to do it) rather than having FACEIT ones.

What do you think about it?


That would be amazing.


Ok, sounds great! And this wouldn’t just be for EU, but for NA as well, correct?


Would cover all regions we have. The idea is that any tournament organizer can organize their seasons anywhere with any settings. I know ECS is working on it for NA & EU.

What formats would you guys like to see?


Just different leagues with a regular season and then playoffs


This would be really cool!