Calibration faceit


Why do I have only +25 elo at the time of calibration when i play only 2 match, while other players have +250 elo when he play 1 match???


In your last match all players get +25 elo each.


Yes, because they had no calibration, I watched some players on the stream had + 250-300 elo in the first 10 games. Or has the calibration system changed to faceit?
And where to choose the level of the game during registration?


When you register you get level 3 as default. As example if you win match you get +25 elo!
Player cant get +250 elo from 1 match!


ok. why this guy from 10 games won only 2 and he has level 4 ???
I saw many people started their first games from 4-5 levels, where was it necessary to choose their game level?
I won two games in a row and I have 1050 elo, and he has 8 lost and only two won games at the beginning and end of 1154 elo


Every player has same rules and same elo grind. Stop watch others and go play your game.


are u retard? i just question, how to pick 4-5 lvl in the start only. I need only answer for this idiot