Buy premium is have sense?


I want to buy a premium account for a month for 11$, but I am not sure whether it will justify itself. The missions say that you need to win 10, 60 games, but if I lose, will there be counted loses? If i win 60 and lose 60, will be finished mission?

There is no sense in playing MM in the current situation, FACEIT looks better, but there is no motivation to play here. Is it worth it?



Grind to the top level to play with pro players and you can get an invitation from FPL. Play tournaments, hubs etc. for points.


I have DMG <–> LEM on MM, but i not pro player, i just like CS:GO. And i want play without trolls and without hacks…


You should just enjoy the game.


you just need to win 60 to get the 20 000 points it doesn’t matter how many time u lose