Bug with time(mb)



In the client and on the site shows the wrong time, in fact. For example, a friend has already started the tournament, and it shows that another hour before the start. The time on your computer and the time in your account are set. Also I can not throw a husky, report to the players. Maybe I have some kind of bug? I do not know what to do
I was trying to change the time zone in my account, on my computer. Unsuccessfully


Thanks for the report, @r1sata - our team are going to look into this and see if we can replicate the bug.



Could you provide me with a bit more info, please:

  • What tournament was your friend playing in? (Send link.)
  • What timezone is your account set to? (See account settings.)
  • What timezone is your computer set to?

  1. Any tournament
  2. Moscow
  3. Moscow


Cmon guys! Can youu help me anyone?