[Bug] When you're queueing to two hubs, then a match from one of them gets canceled, you can get invited to two games at the same time


Yesterday encountered a bug. I was queued into two hubs (A and B) at the same time. Match popped out in the hub A, time to enter was set to ~3 minutes. I went into the game, one person did not come on time, so the game got canceled. I instantly got back into the queue and a match at the B hub popped up. I accepted and went into the game. Wait time was set to 10 minutes. While ingame for hub B, game from hub A popped up(probably because I got put into the queue after cancel), I accidentally accepted that too. Luckily, that game got canceled due to a guy not coming into the game again, but otherwise, this would result in me getting a temp ban and marked as AFK in one of those two matches.