Bug: v4/hubs/:id/members returns invalid roles



I’ve noticed errors popping up in my program, apparently https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/hubs/d168a467-25a7-4eb4-92e9-d98501a15755/members?limit=100&offset=0
returns members with role id “d188831d-fa4e-43cb-8fe1-c65f55e6bf94”, except it doesn’t exist according to https://open.faceit.com/data/v4/hubs/d168a467-25a7-4eb4-92e9-d98501a15755/roles?limit=100&offset=0



It seems to disappear after updating the concerned user’s roles


I’ve eliminated all these instances in our hubs but I assume that deleting a role (the actual role entity) doesn’t remove it from all of the members where it’s applied.


Hi twiikuu,
thank you for pointing it out.

I’ve seen the issue, we will fix it asap.