Bug in retrieving hub members from Data API?

Trying to go through and retrieve information about all members in a hub using the


I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few hours now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that either something is going wrong with my brain and I’m completely misunderstanding how to use this, or there is a bug.

The only time I can seem to get a consistent response is when I use offset=0 and then set the limit to the index of the member I’m trying to retrieve information about from the hub. However, having to make this many API calls whenever I want to retrieve information of every member in a hub with thousands of members isn’t ideal for obvious reasons.

From my testing, it seems that the maximum number of members that will be responded in one API call is 100. When I made an API call with offset=100 and limit=100, I get the intended response of information for 100 members, beginning at index 100 and ending at index 199. The inconsistent behaviour seems to be whenever I try to begin from index 0. If I use offset=0 and limit=100, the response I receive is only the information for the member of the hub at index 0, just the single one. I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations for values of offset and limit, but whatever I try I can’t seem to get the information first 100 members (index 0 - 99) returned in a single API call.

Do I need to sleep or is there a legitimate bug here?