Brescia University review for XL2540 From Zowie


Basic Specs:
1920x1080 Native Resolution
240Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms(GTG) Response Time
Black eQualizer & Color Vibrance
S-Switch to access custom display profiles
Displayport, DVI-DL, HDMI Connectivity, USB3.0

After sharing the monitor throughout our arena amongst our Overwatch and CSGO players, we gave the XL2540 a 10/10 on performance and a 9/10 for purpose. What we mean is, the colors and the vibrancy of everything was amazing and it truly blew us away.
Our Gamers here at Brescia University vary in height and play styles. So Zowie’s options for adjustment allowed each of our gamers to change up how the monitor displayed in front of them physically. We also were able to utilize the S-Switch to save each of our gamers setups so between turns, the monitor could be switched between each profile seamlessly. The great thing we discovered about the S-Switch is that Zowie had already setup for gaming, movies and web browsing. One of our Overwatch players enjoyed the massive difference and superior colour vibrance that this monitor brought to his gaming. He tested this feature with Overwatch, CSGO, PUBG and Rocket League at performance settings and Epic settings to get a full experience with this beast.
But the reason for the 9/10 purpose rating is because even though the 240hz refresh rate is an awesome feature, most esports venues will not have 240hz monitors during competition. As a personal monitor this it is amazing, but for an arena or venue we would suggestion the 144hz version as a preferred choice due to our competitive nature.


Refresh rate
Firm stand for adjustments
Screen Size is perfect for FPS.
Delivers a wow factor every time it is turned on.

Price - its roughly $130-$150 more than the 144hz version which makes the slower refresh rate monitor more appealable, especially if you have a budget.