Is allowed to make multiple accounts to boost friends? Im sick of games when level 9 against me is playing shit and hes carried by hacking level 2, that gets banned in few weeks but nothing happens to the guy that was premade with him. I´ve had a lot of games like that, is there any avoidance against this cheats or multi accounts? (this cheats yes, FULLY WORKING ANTICHEAT!!! kappa ofc) I know that having multiple accounts is not allowed, but how the fuck can u know its his second account? Even I can make 5 accounts and not get banned, ur not checking IP of accounts or anything, who even cant change his IP haha… Is this real? Everygame when theres level 8-10 with level 2 in team, level 2 carries all the game, onetapping jumpshoting trough the smoke doesnt give a fuck about his acc with 5 wins and 0 looses. Is there any avoidance against this? I just want to know how you get that its his smurf acc on faceit, how u know he has 2 accounts. I have friends that are has level 10 faceit, level 8, level 5 and new accounts for smurfing. Never ever got banned. How is this banable then? When u can´t know how many accounts he has? He can even get banned 5 million times and create 5 million “FREE” cs go accounts because of retarded valve, is there something that is checking IP of account creations or from which IP you are playing on account? Thanks for the answer. This will make my mind chilled.


Like Ive heard from half friends that if you smurf and u got catched, your smurf acc will be banned and they leave u with unbanned main acc, but with warning, so you can do it once, but not twice. If you do it again, than you will get banned your main too. This half of my friends never tryed it. Second half of my friends are smurfing on faceit for years and never got banned or catched, I even heared about hacks but I dont believe much in it, he is at level 10 and I believe at that level he wont get away with hacking as he says, so in this way I believe much more in Faceit and Faceit anticheat + working with admins. If I send a video to admin how is someone hacking, I think theres no way he will stay unbanned. Im just really worried about this smurfing. And pls dont link me rules, I´ve already read them, but there´s nothing about how you know that his acc is a smurf and he got a level 10 too. He can have 10 accounts on faceit, but you say its banable. How you know how many accounts got one player? Im sorry for TLDR but still I hope you will read it. Thanks so much for answers. You will help 1 little retarded guy on faceit.


Multiple accounts are not permitted on FACEIT so the user will be left with one account active and any multiple account banned.

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