Beta faceit


Can you back up me on old version faceit


@Rbbbbb You should be able to change back to the old FACEIT site in your account settings. There should be a button at the very bottom of the page.


I can’t see a button


@Rbbbbb @SaarFACEIT I have removed your posts, because they contained sensitive data.

If there is no button, I’m afraid you cannot go back to old FACEIT site at this time.


I censored all the sensitive information.


@Rbbbbb the button is right at the bottom of your account settings

Old faceit site or how can i canceled beta faceit?

@Rbbbbb I have removed your post again, because it contained sensitive data.

Apparently, some of the users cannot see this button; therefore, they will not be able to go back to old FACEIT site at this time.

Please take a look at