Banning system

Dear Faceit Anti-Cheat team or what department is working on the following issue.

Lately i’m getting verbal abuse banned pretty much frequently…which didn’t happen in the last 5 years of me playing.

I wonder, do you changed something on your AI, or while reporting people for blatant wallhacks it is not allowed to write “piece of censored cheater” and so on.

I’m waiting for your answer, since i’m not paying to play, to get banned every 2nd occasion one russian is cheating.

Just want to know, what not to do…

Since you have so many cheaters, maybe focus AI on unrealistics flicks and behind-the-wall-tracking of enemies…

Thank you very much.

:slight_smile: Let’s work together to make things better…


Faceit Banning system is worse than a Justice system in haiti probably, my issue is getting banned because by queing solo you get approx 20% thumbs up from all of the games while 80% gives you thumbs down just because you where better or didn’t play to their likings! And the funny part is I am not even toxic as I used to be but still nothing changed! Now in the future I am gonna record all the games and make a demos myself and keep sending tickets as I am tired of this, all I want is to play the game