Banned until 7am for dodging a troll, like cmon...?


I just played a game with a troll, annoying as that is, I have him the next game I queue aswell. As there is no way of blocking people so they’re not on your team on Faceit. The reasonable option was to dodge. But I get banned until 7am for doing so. I know the system has no way of knowing why I dodged, so I’m posting here in hopes that someone see’s this. Name on faceit is “-ramz1-” without the quotation marks and the troll I was playing with was “xFoXx” or something like that, you’ll recognise it once you see it. Just think it’s pretty unreasonable that I have no way of blocking/avoiding the troll yet the only option that doesn’t penalise me is playing the match and losing elo.

EDIT: The guy wasn’t using his mic, not listening to the teams calls, just playing without any communication at all, throwing key rounds that were very winnable in the game I played with him, hence my dodge. And yes this was in 5v5 Premium so he should have no excuse for not using his microphone, reported him but surely someone can lift my ban for christ sake.