Banned Team Mate

So i have a question about faceit and the anti-cheat in general. So my friend just got banned on 2 accounts yesterday, i wouldn’t put it past him to try and find a way to cheat, he has cheated on every game hes played the last few years and it was my idea for him to come play faceit with me to try and get him off of cheating. We played for a couple weeks and seemingly overnight he had an almost god tier spray and near perfect hops, and before this he could barely spray the M4A1-S (easiest gun in the game) and then he could spray legit across the map and hit near every bullet. I accused him of scripting and he kept saying its not possible yet he got “falsely banned” as he says so i guess my 2 questions are

1 - Does the Client AC detect LUA/Logitech scripts? Thats the only thing i could think of that he could have been using for a recoil script and hops

2 - Does FaceIT HWID ban? He got banned on both accounts at the same time and one of them he hadnt touched in a good week if not longer

Honestly i like that he got banned but kinda made me upset you feel, if he was using scripts then frick him amirite.

Players wount get bans etc. for nothing. I suggest you to read this article.

No i know they wont get banned for nothing. But this does not help me, he doesnt have the money to go and buy a cheat that supports the faceIT client AC so its way more likely he was scripting yet he claims he was not, is there any info on if FaceIT client AC bans for logitech LUA scripts or not?

Cheating means that you are using stuff than influence the game directly not some logitech LUA scripts.

but logitech lua scripts can be used to get perfect or near enough perfect recoil on every gun or whatever specific guns you want causing an unfair advantage, surely they would ban for this right?

There is no point of this. You not gonna get system ban but you still can get reports and you will get punishment.
If your head is stuck around cheating than your not welcome here.

LMAO i think you might be a little messed in the head mate ngl, im not asking about me cheating im trying to find out why my friend got banned who flat out believes he wasn’t cheating. All im asking is if Logitech Lua scripts are detected by the client side AC as its the only way he coulda been banned but i guess you have no idea what you are talking about so dont waste your time in replying.

my friend got banned mid game who legit wasnt cheating. He had stuff on his computer from MM but wasnt using it.

I find that funny too because 1/4 games on free face it seem have legit cheaters.