Banned on faceit


Hello … i get ban on faceit but why ? i never use the fucking cheat … and how can i use cheats on faceit with anticheat ? … wtf guys please unban my account i everymonth paying for premium … i leave faceit 2 maybe 3 times in my life but this month no one time … i gets ban on account


Hi @bambycool - i’ve removed your email from your thread for your own privacy.

I’ve taken a look at your account and can’t see any bans or cooldowns. What makes you say you’re banned?

#3 here is link of my account …


My account is banned for cheating but why? “im cheating for 0.84KDA?”… I playing faceit for make myself better becouse im tryin be pro gamer on slovakia i visiting tournaments but u think i can use cheats on tournaments ? no … i dont have idea why i get ban for cheating i never use cheats but okay i use 2months ago some skinchanger but on faceit with faceit ac i cant use it …


Okay, two things here, @Bombino112.

First; per our terms of service, you cannot have two FACEIT accounts. Technically you have one now as one is banned, but the point still stands.

Second; if you wish to dispute a ban, you can contact the support team:


Yes i wrote on this support… and i have this account to long and i never use it … only for this time when i need write here…


because u r cheating kid enjoy ban right now GG for you use more cheat now


you are obviously a kid, seeing your stats makes me thing that u wanted to look actually decent and you triend to cheat, but the unexpected happened, you got banned, the end.