BANNED for unsportsmanlike conduct



i never flame my teammates or grief or troll or anything . i dunno if some trolls reported me or some mad enemy team players reported me … what the hack is this


Unsportsmanlike conduct with FACEIT PREMIUM and level 8. Must be a joke.
Go and request support ticket + give them details.


Broken system, they updated it and now it will give even more false bans. I don’t understand it.
They act like everything has been so good and now that they updated it’s even “better” and obviously it’s not.

I just got banned due to i stopped playing for 1 round due to an argument when someone bashed me. I wish negative people were just banned automatically or that people would votekick them of. The game would be so much better without toxic people who just spreads negativity whenever he thinks someone is playing bad or having bad aim or whatever… it’s ridiculous.

Banned for 1 day… will come another ban because i mute people for being toxic. Gah, broken system and it’ll obviously going to continue. How about faceit staff/moderators just check the damn demos for a second? Like please? BAN THOSE WHO ACTUALLY DESERVES IT.