Banned for no reason


my friends account tuki81 was banned because of having multiple accounts … but I haven’t had multiple accounts … me and tuki81 are friends , I were in his house with my laptop connected to his wifi , that means we were playing from same IP. address but that doesn’t mean that he has multiple accounts , we even have matches played together in league of legends ladder , how could 1 person play in 2 accounts at same time . . unban him please . if its his fault then which is his "other account " the reason behind the “mulptiple account” ban. we have played duo a lot 2v2


Hello @RuStAvSkEe,

If you think that your ban is not warranted or is to long then you can dispute your ban by creating a support ticket and our 24hr Customer Support Team will investigate your claim and either reduce or remove the ban for you.
Provide any proof that you have in order to be able to prove this claim.

Please make a support ticket :


ive sent support request on 14th may but no one answered … now I have resent it . hope to hear back