Banned for no reason


Yesterday i was banned for no reason, i played without any cheats and others programs,please explain me why i got banned or remove if it was jusy an accident.
thats my profile-


A Ban Evasion is when a user that was previously banned, creates a new account in order to “evade” the previous ban.


I have main acc,where i playing without any cheats.That acc with 4k hours,1200 matches.- .
And i have second acc where my friend playing with cheats.And i got banned on main,because my friend play on his own acc.Lol,faceit admins is it rofl?Can you switch ban?Please,really i dont know whats happening.You can check my matches,i played without cheats.


This is auto. No admins are involved.


how can i talk with admin or moderators?


You CANT get any help if you broke the rules.


Read this.
You can only have 1 account - If it’s banned. Bye bye forever.

  • Also I wish to include that I’m glad to see the system working sometimes because smurfing is a huge problem on faceit so you won’t get my support on this topic.