Banned for 2 hours yesterday, 5 today because it says I need the faceit AC to run when it obviously is


I got banned for 5 hours today because I don’t have the AC client running, but by looking here it obviously is.
I can’t faceit anymore, and I don;t know what to do.


I’m trying this other thing called SoStronk while waiting for a response, if anyone can help, it would be appreciated.


SoStronk doesn’t work, it’s for asian servers. Great. Any alternatives while I wait for an update or reply from Faceit on email? Cevo is dead, and although ESEA is 5 bucks, I’m not about to spend that right now.


Hey what’s your ticket ID?


i got the same problem


Same problem.


Same problem. Got banned for 8 hours. It’s not my first time getting banned because of this. It’s the 3rd time…


same problem got banned for 8 hours :angry:


For everyone with this issue, it fixed itself after a couple of days it seems. I can play now. Just wait a day or two.


I got a ban due to this issue as well. I have had many bug issues with faceit and plan not to use it anymore.


I’m having the same problem. Got 2 bans because of this AC