Banned due to team damage


Hello, Just got banned during a game where we had a 14-11 lead due to team damage got activated and i accidentally knifed a teammate twice in the back in the beginning of the round and is now banned until 08.00 tomorrow morning.

Activating team damage should be notified on the website don’t you think?

Is it possible to get this bann for Leaver removed or is it time for me to leave this platform once in for all?


There is always a notification of updates. You just closed it!


Well no thats simply not the case, but okey.
How about it just states molotov damage and no other damage in the update?

But am I gonna be banned for the whole duration of the bann?


So you are gonna avoid my statement and copy paste molotov damage and not answer about knife damage?

Is this the way you handle customer complaint, good to know.

You have just lost a customer.