Banned because I need Faceit AC to connect


So it’s my 2nd topic in one day and i’ll probably never going to open a topic in this forum again. I got banned for 8 hours from queue because it says “You need to have the Anti-cheat client running to connect.” and obviously my AC is on. I played 300+ games in Faceit and I had no problem until last month. Last month (1-2 months I guess) I had some problems while trying to connect to Faceit servers. Sometimes it says that I need to have AC on, sometimes it just gives error while trying to connect.

This is not my first time getting queue banned for being AFK. It’s probably 4th time and only once it was my mistake. Other 3 times are only Faceit bugs. It’s obvious that they are not going to lift the ban or clear my AFK/ban history because Faceit is kind of an annoying platform. They act like they care about players and they are cool but when it comes to admitting their mistakes, they act like they don’t see our topics, tweets on twitter or they act like there are no bugs about Faceit Client/AC.

Me and a lot of people including my friends are going to stop playing on Faceit if we have this problem again. I know when there is +500k playing Faceit you don’t care about losing +1k. But this is how a boat sinks. It starts slowly but if you don’t care about it, if you don’t fix your bugs and when your players are getting banned because of your bugs you don’t help them, it get faster. And your ship sinks before you figure out what happened.

What I’m saying is I know you will not help me and tons of people who got banned because of your bugged AC. At least try to fix it before more people gets banned. Don’t become Valve. Figure out what is wrong and FIX IT.