Banned account for no reason




Support for faceit is tragic.
I write ticket 23.10.2017 today is 27.10.2017 The account is still banned…
They asked for one thing, I replied and silence…

I w8 5 days and nothink. I bought a premium 2 times and never again. I go to ESEA BB


Most of the times the response is very fast.
Your case is rare.


Hey @Mr_Queen, sorry for the delayed response. Could you send me over your ticket id and I’ll have it looked into for you?


@Kaostic :smiley:


I write ticket on first post.
Still nothink.



Hi @Mr_Queen, I’ve just looked into your account. There isn’t, nor has there ever been, a ban on your account.


I have ban on other account with other steam.

I write login on ticket.

I want use my old account. For what is banned