Ban this cheater


U can check first demo he is cheating !!!


Hi @1ibra1

Please take a look at How to Report a Cheater and more

There is only one way to report potential cheaters.

You must use the reporting system built into the match room page at the end of the game.

Sending a ticket to our Customer Support team will not result in any action as they do not deal with players accused of cheating and as such do not have the access to properly investigate this complaint.

Any tickets created in regards to cheating will contain a response directing you to use the below reporting system as this is how you send a report directly to our Anti cheat team to investigate. We want players to have an awesome experience when they contact support to help fix their issues as quick as we can, player reports are done through an automatic system that highlights players to us internally who need investigating.

How to report a potential cheater on our platform at the end of the game.

Beside each player you will find a red thumbs down once the game has concluded and the match room is resulted. When you press the thumbs down you will see the below pop up appear. Choose the “Cheating” option and then you will be prompted to file a written report. The written report should be just keywords like - wallhack, aimkey, aimlock, etc…