Ban IP in Russia


Hello, our authorities randomly block IP addresses in the hope to block Telegram messenger.
Because of this, some of your servers are unavailable. I’ve already received a lock in competitive games due to the fact that time is not connected to the game. I can’t play with a VPN, my ping increases several times.
Please pay attention to this problem! I suggest 2 ways to handle this situation:
a) Do not block Russian, as we can not connect to some servers;
b) Change the terms of the selection of games and do not give the Russian blocked ip for the game.

The last game, which ended due to the fact that the other team was also Russian and he could not connect to the server.

I have connected only through VPN. After that, I checked the IP address of the server and it does not respond in Russia, but I can connect to it with VPN (India)

First connect with VPN. The second connection from Russia.