Ban for unsportsmanlike. help plz

My name is Mach1nz i got ban for unsportsmanlike because i just mute people that are toxic towards me? and winning games with out having to listen for insults…why should i get ban for that? there a button for a reason… And i play primium aswell thats nonsense :frowning:

You are temporarily banned from joining the queue.
Reason: unsportsmanlike conduct
Ban ends: 07 Oct 2019, 11:09 CEST

Plz help me.

The only option is to wait until the ban ends.

Yee true, but the system or staff should atleast check reports/demos before banning. Cuz everyone can report but if its true or not is the question.

There are thousands of reports every day, it is physically impossible to check every single one, which is why the system works automatically. The only option is to get live admins like the ESEA does, rather than letting people abuse the system.