Ban every day for toxic


dear admins of faceit, I understand, but how does your FBI working, every day I get a ban from European players ,they simply disliked the Russians, and just stupidly throw me the report for the toxic, I bought premium for 10 dollars and me every day arrives a ban for unsportsmanlike conduct, while the people whit who play are starting to behave in the game 100 times badly than me trying to get to the my emotions , that begin griefing , talking about my mother and stuff, and then I get every day ban. Tell me what to do. to be silent the entire game and not say anything at all? and he still throw the report for me over the toxic, or for what I fly for a day or two in the ban? I certainly understand you not be sad if u lose one player, well, that’s how it should be solved. I hope to hear from you p.s. and yes i write this with translate because my eng so bad


System is perfect. Problem is in community.
Faceit need live Admins because support is too slow to solve these problems.


Сегодня мы с моим другом играли в КСГО и там попался очень таксичный человек он начал обзывать нас тупыми обезьянами(я 1 лвл у него 6 ) я незнаю как мы к ним попали и говорить что нас забанять за то что мы русские.
Today, my friend and I played in the KSGO, and there a very taxing man got caught. He started calling us stupid monkeys (I have a lvl of 6) and say that we are banned for being Russian