Ban Evasion



Hello I would like to ask a question.

I play from an internet cafe and I dont want to risk my account I want to make sure that there are no cheat engines or anything used that can get me flagged or banned could you please tell me what to check before doing anything.

Thanks for the help.


Hi @Lovelyjubely; Unfortunately we do not share what our Anti-Cheat detects or searches for when it comes to cheats/hacks. Please speak with the owners of the internet cafe to make sure that the machines you’re using are clean.


I understand but what happens if he doesnt know ? I will download the AC and use it I dont want to take any risks plesae understand where am coming from the owner said the PC has a program called METACAFE that wipes everything from the HDD after logging of. but still IP and all other stuff stay the same.

Any solution or suggestion please ?


Outside of just manually looking through the machine yourself, there’s not a lot else that you can do, I don’t believe :frowning: - If the METACAFE program wipes the hard drive, you should be fine, but we still cannot share names of specific cheats / cheatengines that are blocked by the anti-cheat :frowning:


you would be able to see the reason of the ban right ? I am going to play dota2 and if anything happens I will let you know maybe you can help me. But lets hope for nothing

There is not hing on this machine nad I hope nothing will happen.

Thanks bro