Ban Evasion on 3rd Party PC Help

So somewhere in 2017, I had purchased a custom-built pc from someone on eBay. So I signed up on faceit with my steam account and was able to play for about a day until I was banned for ban evasion. Confused I contacted the seller but they never responded so my guess was that he got banned on that system before selling it. I have had that desktop pc until about 2 weeks ago when I sold the parts from it. Recently I bought a brand new laptop and am hoping to play on faceit, so my question is if I use my brand new faceit account with my new steam account will I get another ban evasion if I log into my banned main account for my other games?

Also this is my first time posting here so if it’s the wrong category please let me know!

One pc for one Faceit account. You can easy get ban evasion or ban for multiple accounts.